Security Awareness Training

Strengthening The Human Risk Factor

According to the IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index Report, 95% of cyber security breaches are caused by some form of human error. An incredible 91% of cyber-attacks begin with a phishing email to an unsuspecting victim. In the 2023 State of Email Security Survey, 97% of organisations claim to have been targeted by phishing attacks.

Security Awareness Training has never been more important. By leveraging both workflow-driven techniques and essential cyber security skills, we aim to shape employee behavior and fortify your organisation against cyber threats.

Our workflow-driven approach ensures that cybersecurity practices seamlessly integrate into employees' everyday tasks and responsibilities. By aligning training with specific workflows and job roles, we empower employees to apply security measures effectively, minimising the risk of human error or oversight and keeping the cyber risk front of mind. This holistic approach helps address all aspects of security, encompassing people, process, and technology.


Compact Training Sessions & Checkpoints

We provide employees with best practices and policies in a manner that facilitates a smooth trasition of their learnings into practical use in real-world scenarios. 


Automated & AI Powered Phishing simulations

Efficiently educate your employees with automated and tailored content, saving you valuable time and effort.


Enhanced user interaction and real-time Protection

Experience a significant increase in user engagement while benefiting from real-time protection against threats through the utilisation of Active Reporting. 


Enhanced Cyber Hygiene Practices

We structure our Cyber Hygiene Practices with a focus on a best practice approach to the protection of employees’ privacy, data and security, delivering immediate and actionable outcomes.


Relevant and Up-to-date Threat Alerts

Ensure your employees stay informed about the latest cybersecurity news, remain aware of emerging technologies and methodologies, and receive specific actionable guidelines.


Track your employees risk profile

Through assessing and tracking  the risk level of your employees, we provide comprehensive reports on their existing security status and offer predictions on the potential occurrence of cyber incidents resulting from human error.